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We’re experts in business travel. Combining innovative technology with our industry expertise, we lead the way in providing world-class business travel care programs and services.


We offer everything your employees need to stay connected and productive on the road – and you can rely on our 24/7 business traveler support when you need it the most. If your employees run into any difficulties or disruptions, our experts will take care of it for you and get them where they need to be. Our services will save you time and stress while giving you complete peace of mind.



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Auxiliando você em todas as etapas de sua jornada

Durante a viagem...


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Ajudamos a mantê-lo em segurança durante suas viagens.


Fornecemos mensagens relevantes e convenientes, com informações úteis e ofertas.



Easy planning and booking

Whether you get in touch online, on the phone or by mobile, we apply your traveler preferences to every booking, saving you time.


Offers and promotions

We give your business travelers local discounts and useful information for when they’re traveling or on the ground, saving your company money during their trip.


Após a viagem

Gerenciamento de despesas
A CWT está integrada com os fornecedores
líderes em gestão de despesas, e fornece toda a
documentação necessária para as viagens.
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Preferential rates on hotels and flights

Choose from a wide range of travel and accommodation options at the best prices thanks to our competitive rates on hotels, flights and more. We’ll help ensure your employees stick to your travel policy and enjoy their business travel in comfort.


Expense management

We work with trusted partners to provide all the documentation you need for every trip. We also integrate our services with third party expense management platforms to ensure your business travelers don’t spend their personal time handling expenses.


Stay connected on the move

Make bookings and view your schedule at any time through our fantastic app CWT To Go, available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.



Support and manage business travelers on the move

Our 24/7 business travel care and support gives you peace of mind every step of the way. Assisted by our experienced team, your employees will have a dedicated point of contact who’ll take all the travel management off your hands, making sure it’s handled smoothly and efficiently. We can help with:




Visa assistance and discounts

Not only can we supply you with the travel visas you need but we can provide them at a special discounted rate through our provider, CIBT.


Mobile management

It couldn’t be easier to make bookings and view your schedule on the move – all through our CWT To Go app, available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Traveler security

Working with International SOS, the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm, we’ll keep your travelers safe on the road.


Traveler tracking

Travel disruptions happen, and when they do, you want to know where your employees are. Our business traveler services include tracking technology to help ensure safety and security.


CWT travel management solutions

Combining innovative technology with industry expertise, we’ll help you design a business travel care program that keeps your employees happy while delivering great results for your business.


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